Nedumkayam Rainforest in Nilambur

This natural habitat of mankind is a removal from the man-made concrete world; it is an attraction that is rarely found in the developed world. The exquisite pleasure of breathing in the healthy oxygen-rich air standing amongst the majestic teak trees of Connolley's plot is unmatchable anywhere else.

Bridge in Nedumkayam Rainforest

This area was named Connolley's plot to commemorate one of the collectors of Malappuram. Alongside is the oldest man made plantations built by Sir Chathu Nair. This teak is said to be the most coveted for its deep and rich colour and age rings which are deeply coloured.

Geography of Nedumkayam Rain Forest

Having all the characteristics of a typical rain forest, the Nedumkayam Rainforest is thick with trees and all forms of plantation. It has huge, richly green leafed trees that tower to the skies. The very name ‘rain forest’ signifies the abundance of rainfall experience by this region. The land is moist and rich in natural manure as there are all kinds of fallen leaves that enrich the forest floor. There is shade and deep, dark, cool areas for campaign and organizing various activities pertaining to health and healing like yoga, trekking etc. these rain forest are an integral parts of the Nilgiri range. The hilly tract and the rain drenched forests have a number of grassy hillocks ideal for picnics besides the several little brooks flowing down the hill sides. The undergrowth is rich in flora and fauna of a wide and tremendous variety.

Climate of Nedumkayam Rainforest

The climate of this region has high temperatures during the summer months of May to July. There is also high humidity in the month of July to September. In fact post-monsoon humidity is almost intolerable with the temperatures and humidity soaring to high figures. During monsoon also the weather is pleasant but during the rains the forest area is quite slippery and dangerous. Once the rain stops, the heat from the forest floor rises up in steam making the weather unbearable. After a month or so from the monsoon, however, the days are pleasant and the nights are cool. The winter is dry and healthy and an ideal time for visiting the Nedumkayam rain forest.

During the British reign in India a wooden rest house had been constructed in the forest. This is a most sought-after place as most tourist delight in waking upto the sight of the deer grazing happily just outside the bedroom window. It is an unbelievable panorama with great elephants and deer both flapping their ears as they stand around busy chomping on the juicy lush green grass unmindful of their human fans.

This rich bio-diversity range has been universally recognized for the treasure trove it is. It has been declared the Biosphere Reserve where the natural beauty and man-made artificial artefact both stand in contrast at a single platform.

An interesting feature of the rainforest is the training centre for imparting training to the mighty Indian elephants. Several visitors go to the centre to see the elephants obediently working on their various chores.

How to Reach the Nedumkayam Rainforest

The Nedumkayam Rainforest lies just twenty kilometers from Conolley's plot of teak trees.

By Train it is convenient to reach the Nedumkayam railway station. The train, reaches right upto the Nedumkayam township.

By air the nearest halt is at Karimpur International airport which is located about forty five kilometers from Nedumkayam especially as the road route is good and one can hire a taxi or travel on the Government run Buses.

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